Welcome to my site.

I have been at the bench building Kentucky Rifles and providing kits for over 18 years.

I provide:

- Custom commissioned projects, plain to extensively carved and engraved. (see my Gallery)

- High quality kits for Peter Berry, Beck and Virginia Rifles.
The kits are copied from existing, original rifles. Exact attention to  detail make these the finest, most authentic Kentucky Rifles on the market. Kits can be purchased 'In the White" or finished with carving and engraving (see Kits and additonal info)
- Custom engraving work for locks, patchboxes and inlays (see additional info)

- I also carry a full line of Homer Dangler stains and finishing products (see Finishes)

Contact me by email for prices, orders and quotes

Jim Klein
791 T Drive South
Fulton, MI 49052