Alcohol Stains                        $4.00 for a 2 oz bottle
- Dark Brown

- Reddish Brown
- Golden Brown
- Orange Toner

Finishing compound                 $4.00 for a 2 oz bottle
Inletting black                          $2.50 for  1.5 Oz
Rust Bluing Solution                $4.00 for a 2 oz bottle

Additional information

The kits are copied from existing, original rifles. Exact attention to  details make these the finest, most authentic Kentucky Rifles on the market.  All kits use only the very best parts and are complete with all parts and hardware need to build a fine rifle. Parts include:
- Siler Locks
- Davis triggers
- Colerain or Rice Barrels
- High Quality, grade 6, stocks cut by Bob Lepley
- Investment castings
- Custom made pipes and muzzle caps


Payment is by check or money order. Finished guns require a 50% deposit and full payment on completion. Prices shown do not include shipping (typically about $40 for a kit or finished rifle).

Engraving Services

I provide custom engraving work for Locks, patchboxes, and inlays. Contact me for detailed quotes

Engraving Services                                          $40.00/hr
Engraving Pre Polished Lock                            $150.00

Homer Dangler Fine Finishing Products
My kits can be completed by a person with average tool skills in about 40 hrs for a plain rifle. Tools needed would be chisels, a few gouges, a sharp knife, screwdrivers, a vise, and some care and patience.
Stocks are 95% inlet for the barrel, lock, buttplate, trigger assembley, patchbox and pipes.
Ramrod holes are pre-drilled.